We inspect your roof and property to identify whether you have damage or not. Based on the findings, we help you determine if a claim needs to be filed, you need a repair or you’re in the clear.


While it is the homeowner who deals directly with insurance, we will provide you with all of the information needed to file a claim. We partner with the homeowner from the first day to make sure you aren’t in this process on your own.

Meet With The Adjuster

Our goal at Massey’s Advanced Construction & Roofing is to be with you every step of the process and that includes the adjuster meeting. Insurance will schedule an adjuster to come out and assess your roof for damage. We have your best interest in mind and can walk through the appointment with the adjuster pointing out any additional damage, answer questions and work with them to result the best outcome for you.

Project Time

Once the claim is approved and the job scope is set, we schedule your project. We personally manage each job from start to finish and ensure that we’ve completed the restoration to insurance and your satisfaction.

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